14 Times Kate Middleton Only Had Eyes For Prince William

kate middleton laughs prince william paralympic games

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I’m not one to promote PDA, and I usually make a face if in the presence of touchy-feely smug marrieds.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, however, are exempt from this sour attitude towards love because…well…theirs is the kind most of us only dream of having.

  1. Spectre Premiere 2015

Part of me hopes Catherine keeps an album with photos like the one below, so as to remind herself of in love she is with her prince when he forgets to pick up milk or criticizes her hair.

kate middleton smiles prince william spectre premiere

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2. Wine-Tasting in New Zealand, 2014

Catherine: “You don’t know a thing about grapes, darling. Still, I adore the way you hold that wine glass.”


3. William Gives a Speech in New York, 2014

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say this girl has a crush on the boy at the podium.

prince william speech new york conservation kate middleton smiles

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4. 2015 Rugby World Cup Opening Ceremony

William: “Decent show they put on, I’d say.”

Catherine: “I think you’re marvelous.”

Kate Middleton Blue Reiss Coat Prince William Twickenham

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5. The Royal Wedding 2011

Catherine: “YASSS.  PUT A RING ON IT.”

Prince William Kate Middleton Westminster Abbey Altar Wedding Vows

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6. St. Andrews University,  2011

I want to draw hearts all over this picture.

kate middleton smiles prince william st andrews university 2011

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7. A Night Out at Mahiki

Catherine: “Darling, you could be a Welsh farmer and I’d still be your wife.  But I would require a hair dryer.  It gets very windy out there.”

Kate Middleton Smiles Prince William Cab London Mahiki Nightclub

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8.  Reception After The Chakravarty Cup Polo at Beaufort Polo Club 2010

Catherine: “Mine. All Mine.”


9. St. Patrick’s Day 2015

Catherine: “S-W-O-O-N.”

William: “Do I look like a unicorn?”

Prince William Speaks Kate Middleton St. Patricks' Day 2015

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10. Trearddur Bay Lifeboat Station at Anglesey 2011

Giggles + Swoons + Giggles + Smitten Kittens + Hearts + More Hearts + Rainbows


11. St. Andrews Dinner in New York 2014

Catherine: “Never let me go.”

William: “I shant, mainly because these steps are terribly dangerous.  Did you tell the flight attendant to stock cider?”

Prince William Kate Middleton Jenny Packham Gown Metropolitan Museum of Art 2014


12. Prince William and Catherine Middleton Announce Their Engagement

Yeah, it’s love…

kate middleton smiles prince william engagement photocall clarence house

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13. The Cambridges Don Sweatshirts in Canada 2011

William: “Darling, let me help.  You’ll freeze.”

Catherine: “Do you hear that? It sounds like a sexy saxophone.”

Kate Middleton Prince William Red Sweatshirts Yellowknife

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14.  Rodeo Demonstration In Calgary

Catherine: “All the swoons.  So many swoons.”

kate middleton smiles prince william cowboy hats canada

by David Rose – WPA Pool/Getty Images

BRB. Googling “Matchmaking Service Single Dukes/Earls/Lords With Nice Teeth, Good Manners and Height.

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