Royal Rewind: A Nervous Michael Middleton Speaks About The Royal Engagement

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ITN Productions For all the royal video watching I do, I've never taken the time to watch this candid footage of Michael and Carole Middleton on the day of their daughter's engagement photocall. The Duchess of Cambridge's parents held a small press conference outside their Bucklebury home on November 16th, 2010, the same day William and ...

Kate Middleton’s Magic Touch Reaches New Levels

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Stephen Locke/i-Images, Ben Stevens/i-Images Thursday and Friday saw the Duchess of Cambridge attend back-to-back engagements, one of behalf of her charity, The Art Room and the other a "fact-finding" visit to The Fostering Network in the North London borough of Islington. "She was overwhelmed by what she saw and heard," the network's president, Jim Bond, said.  "She was very ...

Why Kensington Palace Created A Twitter Account For Will, Kate and Harry

Andrew Parsons / i-images This morning, I awoke to a text from my sister. "The royals are on Twitter," she wrote. I'm afraid we won't be reading any hysterical pregnancy tweets from Catherine, nor 140 characters of drunk rambling from Prince Harry anytime soon, since "the royals are on Twitter" means something a bit more buttoned-up.  (more…)

Cressida Bonas Attends BAFTA Tea Party, Cavorts With ‘Downton Abbey’ Stars

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Jen Lowery / Splash News It's Golden Globes weekend in Los Angeles, which draws a cast of thousands to Los Angeles for pre-parties, post-parties and everything in between. Last night at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, BAFTA hosted their annual tea party.   Guess who joined nominees and other famous faces?  One Cressida Bonas, she ...

Kate Middleton: How Great Thou (Hair) Art

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i-Images During a marathon session of Friends today and noticed the loveliness of Monica's ex-boyfriend, Fun Bobby's hair.  So wavy, so luscious.  Even when he was a total bummer off the bottle, Fun Bobby's hair was run-your-fingers-through-it nice. On a related note, let's one-up Fun Bobby by showing him an even better head of hair.  Despite remarks to the ...

Not Amused: 12 Times Kate Middleton Looked Completely Over It

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i-Images No one understand what it's like to live under a microscope more than the Duchess of Cambridge (except for Princess Charlene of Monaco), so we totally understand when the cameras capture Catherine at inopportune times. Sister's got a lively toddler and a spare chewing on anything and everything, so she deserves to relax those facial ...