Kate Middleton: 10 Gold Medal Olympic Reactions

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These photos may have been taken four years ago, but they will always reflect an Olympic spectator’s mood.

How do you feel?  Are you nervous?  Frustrated? Can you not stand to look?

Wonderful, there’s a photo for that.

prince william kate middleton cheer on mo farah olympics 2012

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Since the Duchess of Cambridge opted not to attend the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics (one cannot blame her, since Zika virus is a real threat), we instead must bookmark this page for a guide on how to feel when your favorite athlete is going for the gold.

Go ahead, bookmark this page.  I’ll wait.


Take your mark..GO!

  1. “Sweet Jesus.  I can’t watch.  OK, let me just peek…NO, I can’t watch!”
kate middleton covers face watching rowing paralymics 2012

Chris Jackson/Getty Image

2. “No, no.  It’s too unbearable. PS – don’t I look a bit like a disgruntled manager? I’ve seen them do this on Netflix.”

kate middleton covers face paper watches paralymics swimming

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

3.  “Maybe if I block the airway in my nostrils, I’ll pass out and someone can tell me about it when I regain consciousness.”

kate middleton anxiously watches swimming paralymics london 2012

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

4. “My hair is my shield.  And my best feature….

“Just kidding.  I have loads of best features.”

kate middleton white outfit nervously plays with hair women's hockey match 2012 summer olympics

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

5. “Please say GB.  Please say GB.  Don’t you dare say Monaco.”

beth tweedle kate middleton anxiously watches gymnastics olympics 2012

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

6. “Go, you lot!  Run you useless *POS!”

prince william kate middleton cheer on mo farah olympics 2012

Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

*Please pardon the competitive spirit displayed by Her Royal Highness.  She wishes everyone well, and doesn’t believe anyone is a POS

7. “I have those sneakers!”

prince william claps kate middleton points excited 2012 summer olympics swimming

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

“I should have asked for the blue pair.  I like the blue pair so much more.”

kate middleton hands on face red blazer 2012 summer olympics swimming finals

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

“What was I thinking accepting red? I’ll never wear red.”

kate middleton covers face red blazer 2012 summer olympics

Adam Pretty/Getty Images

“I’d really like the blue pair.  I wonder if they would mind sending the blue.  Is that greedy?”

kate middleton red blazer nail biting swimming olympics 2012

Adam Pretty/Getty Images


prince william kate middleton prince harry cheer on cycling olympics 2012

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

9. “Gosh, these seats are crap.  Why aren’t we in the royal box?”

kate middleton sunglasses blue dress bites lip mens tennis olympics 2012

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

10. “Is this nosebleed?  Are we in the nosebleed section? I heard someone say that once, and I assume that’s where we are since we’re so bloody far from the court.”

prince william kate middleton sunglasses react andy murray match olympics 2012


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