I Needed Something More From Kate Middleton’s Black Eponine Dress

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While the Cambridge kids were likely on their 600th screening of “Frozen 2” back at the palace, William and Kate took in a special performance of “Dear Evan Hansen” at the Noel Coward Theater in aid of The Royal Foundation. The couple are heavily involved in organizations that focus on mental health, which is why they chose to watch the play.

Will and Kate met with cast members after the show, and were struck by how they were able to balance humor with the seriousness of themes like social anxiety and suicide.

“‘How’s this going to work? It could go either way,'” William said as he tried to imagine what was going through the actors’ heads on stage. “It could be too serious and everyone would go, ‘Oh my God this is quite intense’ or it’s too thin.'”

“‘You nailed it with the humor,” His Royal Highness continued. “There are so many emotions and feelings. You had every spectrum.”

Kate wore a black bouclé dress from Eponine London’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection for the engagement, according to What Kate Wore. I usually like Eponine’s mod-retro looks, but this one wasn’t doing anything for me. I think I needed a cinched-in waist or a fuller skirt to really stick out. The dress took a nap when I asked it to twirl.


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The (Jimmy) Choos, on the other hand, were marvelous and v. Cinderella-like (give me something that resembles a fairy tale and I’m yours). They didn’t have to do all the work, but they did it anyway. The “Romy” Degrade 4-inch Glittered heels are on sale at Net-a-Porter for $435 and they have a friend, the matching “Ellipse” clutch (which goes for $995).

The chandelier earrings – which we’ve seen Kate wear on several occasions – belong to the Queen.

What did you think of the DoC’s look tonight? Do you disagree with my critique?

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