I Just Found These Photos of a Child Touching Kate Middleton’s Hair

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*GASP* Who dareth lay a handeth on thine anointed hair, which doth not quit.

Just kidding. It’s really nice of the Duchess of Cambridge to let anyone run their hands over her hair/pet her head like this little girl did in Dundeed, Scotland back in January, 2019. She’s got the patience of a saint, that Kate.

Little Girl Pink Coat Strokes Kate Middleton Hair

Ian Rutherford / POOL / AFP

“Wow, my mum was right. It’s really, really nice. Is your shampoo from one of those posh places in Disney World? Like, where Belle shops?”

The posh place is a palace, and her shampoo is brought in on a platinum tray by animated bluebirds.

Kate Middleton Lets Girl Pink Jacket Stroke Hair Dundee


“Can I cut a piece off to bring back to my mum?”

Kate Middleton Looks Hair Touched By Little Scottish Girl


“It grows back. That’s what I learned in school.”

Kate Middleton Laughs Little Girl Grabs Her Hair


Even at the risk of embarrassment, would you reach out and touch Kate’s hair if you had the chance? Be honest.

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