People Aren’t Happy With Kate Middleton’s Eyebrows

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Critics have taken a look at The Duchess of Cambridge’s eyebrows, and have decided they are too thick.

They need to get over it.

After seeing photos from Catherine’s February 7th engagement with the Royal Air Force, her first as Honorary Air Commandant, the comments started pouring in.


Painted eyebrows don’t look good on anyone,” one person wrote, according to the Daily Mail. “One is clearly thicker than the other.”

(they don’t look painted to me) 

Another noticed that Her Royal Highness “just looks old,” adding that “it’s overdone. She looks far younger with a thinner brow.”


The Mail asked Victoria Smith, director of aesthetics at London’s Absolute Aesthetics clinic, for advice on how to improve the look of one’s brows.

“The trick is to replicate the wispiness of natural hair growth — not make it look like two slugs have crawled on to your face,” Smith explained.


“Eyebrows that are too heavy or too thick can emphasise the bags under your eyes and the wrinkles. You’re trying to open out your eyes, not close them down.

“Very dark eyebrows make them look tired and hooded, and your skin appear to droop.”

Kate Middleton Close-Up Easter Sunday 2014


This isn’t the first time Catherine’s brows have come under fire.  Back in December 2011, she was accused of having “Scouse brows,” a term referencing tacky reality stars from Liverpool who sport drawn-in, arched eyebrows.

“At the Duchess of Cambridge’s most recent public appearance — a reception for fashion folk at the Palace — she caused a stir among the assembled throng not for her choice of dress, but because of her very dark, very thick, very harsh-edged eyebrows,” Liz Jones wrote.

“Were they pencilled, inked, tattooed? Or (now here’s a thought) could they be a brand new trend the glossies haven’t even come up with yet: a brow extension, a sort of furry wig for those brunette beauties who can’t grow their own?

“Whatever the reason, it’s a style most commonly seen on the foreheads of women called Chelsea, Abbey and Jodie. It even has a name — ‘the Scouse Brow’ — after the monster arches sported by the cast of the latest reality TV show, Desperate Scousewives.”


As someone who’s been blessed with very thick eyebrows and has a history of making them too thin/too thick/too short,  I’d like to defend the honor of Catherine’s.

It’s difficult to achieve the perfect shape when the hair is that dark, since any out-of-place or too-long follicle can ruin a good shape.

While I believe that properly styled eyebrows are important to one’s overall look, I’m surprised that people are this up-in-arms about Catherine’s.

I, of all people, should be able to determine whether or not there’s something odd about her brows, but I’m afraid I can’t find anything wrong.

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And yes, I did take off my rose-colored glasses, thank you.

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