Pippa Middleton and Her Engagement Ring Help Raise Money On BGC Charity Day

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Hurrah for charity and the spirit of giving and betrothals!

Pippa Middleton made her debut at BGC Charity Day in London’s Canary Wharf on September 12th, put on by BGC Partners and Cantor Fitzgerald in New York to raise money for the Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund.

Pippa Middleton Engagement Ring Makes Trade BGC Charity Day 2016

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The annual day remembers the 658 Cantor employees and 61 Eurobrokers who perished in the September 11th attacks at the World Trade Center.

pippa middleton two phones bcg global charity day 2016

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“Charity Day is our way of turning a tragic day into one that is positive and uplifting by helping others,” BGC stated on its site.

“We invite celebrity guests who represent participating charities into our offices to conduct trades with licensed brokers and their clients.

Since its inception Charity Day has raised approximately $113 million globally.”

paddington bear makes trade 2016 bgc annual global charity day

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Learn more about the relief fund.

Middleton joined Tom Hardy (holding two puppies from the Battesea Dogs and Cats Home), Joanna Lumley, Mike Tindall, Paddington Bear and Lindsay Lohan, who represented their chosen charities.

tom hardy holds two puppies bgc charity day london

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The amateur athlete’s chosen charity was the British Heart Foundation, of which is she is an ambassador.

Also supporting the BHF was Ab Fab‘s Joanna Lumley.

joanna lumley phone bgc annual global charity day

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pippa middleton holds purse bgc charity day 2016

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Middleton, who turned 33 on September 6th, wore the “Maje” zip-frint jumpsuit from Reiss ($370) for the occasion, along with her big ole’ art-deco rock.

Middleton got engaged to James Matthews back in July in the Cotswolds, and the couple plan to marry in 2017.

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