Prince George Leaves Justin Trudeau Hanging, Not Sorry About It

Prince George stepped off the private plane loaned to him and his family by the Canadian government on September 24th, only to be greeted by a sea of eager beavers frantically cheering.

Meh, he thought to himself.  So much noise.

prince george blue sweater looks up victoria airport canada

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Once he stepped onto Canadian soil for his second royal tour ever, George’s attention turned to a military helicopter that was landing in the distance.

prince george laughs holds prince william hand victoria canada royal tour

Andrew Chin/Getty Images

Did dad have the Sea King flown here?  Was this not going to be dull AF after all?

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George was interrupted by a bunch of dignitaries, one of whom attempted to kneel down and make eye contact.


kate middleton fixes prince george hair victoria canada airport

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His name was Justin Trudeau, but he could have been Justin Bieber for all George knew.

He did the same thing that David Cameron used to do.  There’s a lady who replaced Cameron.

Gan Gan keeps calling her “the old broad in number ten.”

Justin Bieber squatted down to ask for a high five.  It was very North American.

The prince ignored the prime minister, and continued to do so despite Bieber’s best efforts.

Catherine reportedly said that George and Princess Charlotte were excited to sleep on a plane, something they’ll grow tired off very quickly.

Parts of the trip – which wraps on October 1st – have been specially designed for kids, complete with outdoor activities.

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