Princess Charlene and Her Glorious Earrings Attend The 68th Annual Red Cross Ball

Last night, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene arrived at  the Salle des Etoiles in Monaco to officially open this year’s Red Cross Gala, an event that thanks donors for making it possible for the organization to carry out its work.

princess charlene valentino gown prince albert red cross gala 2016


princess charlene valentino lilac dress arm in arm prince albert red cross gala


Charlene wore the most glorious lilac gown that looked hand-painted (and was no doubt custom-made).

Two different designers- Valentino and Armani Prive – are being credited with the gown, but neither one has confirmed. So…

prince albert princess charlene heads bowed moment silence red cross gala 2016


princess charlene close up chandelier earrings red cross gala 2016


The earrings are spectacular and though I haven’t been able to ID them, I figured that no one would turn down an opportunity to stare at diamonds.

princess charlene side profile chandelier earrings 2016 red cross gal


Last week, Prince Albert caught People Magazine up on what his 19-month-old twins, Gabriella and Jacques were up to.

“They’re roaming around, starting to repeat words,” Albert said. “They almost know their ABCs and numbers.

“Well, there’s a little hesitation before XYZ now – but that should be gone in a few days,” he assured People.

“They’re doing them in French and English. We’re speaking mostly English. Gabriella’s really very good with her numbers. Jacques is a little bit lazier but he catches up fast and will pass her.”

It’s a good thing Gabriella will one day rule the country.

Oh wait…Monaco still subscribes to primogeniture, the old AF rule that any son will leap frog his older sister as heir apparent to the Monegasque throne.

prince albert princess charlene twins pique nique monegasque

PLS Pool/Getty Images

For now, Gabriella and Jacques are mingling with the locals.

“Actually they’re in a daycare center a couple of times a week now,”Albert said.

“That’s been exceptional because that way they get to play with others their own age. And they’re really very sociable.”

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