The Dowager Countess: 13 of Her Best ‘Downton Abbey’ Zingers

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downton abbey dowager countess gives a look

Cousin Violet is a sage and stable port in the storm, according to me.

When we were first introduced to the Dowager Countess in 2010, many of us saw a stuffy, outdated old broad who was too stuck in her ways.

Not so, we’ve discovered.  Her Ladyship was perhaps one of the show’s most forward-thinking characters; shse assisted Lady Edith with her unplanned pregnancy, helped Dr. Clarkson soften the blow to Lady Cora regarding the cause of Sybil’s death (even though it was all Robert’s fault for trusting a new doctor), and told Lady Mary to stop being an a–hole and confess her true feelings to Cousin Matthew.

And so, as the sun sets in America on the final episode of Downton Abbey, we remember that quick wit and sassy attitude that made the Dowager Countess an international, timeless treasure. 

  1. How embarrassing that her own son wore black tie instead of white to dinner (his jacket went missing, but still…gross).
dowager countess mistakes robert for waiter downton abbey

2. A fair question if your days consist of tea, lunch and a walk around the grounds.

dowager countess what is a weekend downton abbey


3. Happy-ish is indeed a goal.  Just ask Edith.

dowager countess english version happy ending downton abbey

4. Fair play, given that in the early 20th century, most women only wore black when they were in mourning.

dowager countess no one wants to kiss a girl in black downton abbey


5. Let’s save the enthusiasm for cordials.

dowager countess has an appetite downton abbey

6. #bestfriends

dowager countess insults isobel crawley downton abbey


7. Did you learn that from your American mother, dear?

dowager countess says dont be defeatist middle class downton abbey

8. Christ, Edith.

dowager countess downton abbey stop whining edith

9.  They’re the help.  They stay downstairs.  It’s unnatural to think they have their own lives.

dowager countess speaks with isobel servants downton abbey

10. Marthan Levinson Makes Me Feel ______

dowager countess virtues english downton abbey

11. It’s undignified, really.

dowager countess speaks of englishmen downton abbey


downtown abbey dowager countess telephone


13. Theirs is a demographic good for dinners and shooting parties only, Tom.

dowager countess shall not look english upper class downton abbey


The US series finale of Downton Abbey airs March 6th at 9/8 central on PBS.

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