The Goring Hotel Has a Gin Garden, and It Looks Spectacular

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Gin is a very British spirit, and one yours truly loves to enjoy as soon as the clock strikes gin o’clock.

Imagine my delight when hotel and travel site Rebecca Recommends showed me  a cocktail from The Goring Hotel’s summer bar.  Which is a gin garden.  With sheep.  And hills of heather and wildflowers.

The Goring is perhaps best known as the hotel where the Duchess of Cambridge, along with her family,  spent her last night as a commoner singleton, before marrying Prince William at Westminster Abbey on April 29th, 2011. 

Well, it’s now temporary home to a “gin safari” thanks to Hepple Gin, which partnered up with the hotel to create a wonderland for adults in its private garden.

hepple gin summer cup the goring hotel

The Goring Hotel

Guests can enjoy one of (or all, but good luck to you) six customized cocktails while noticing that their surroundings are a bit like the moors of Northumberland.

“Hey is that a quaint little botanical forest or a bar?” you’ll casually ask the sheep as you sip on your Summer Cup, the scents of English juniper, Douglas fir, lovage, blackcurrant wafting through the air.

goring gin garden hepple gin

Instagram/Hepple Gin


Whether you’re in the mood for a Hepple Martini or the Summer Cup (Hepple Gin, lemon juice and orgeat syrup, served over ice and crowned with Morello cherries), the gin bar has something for every palette.

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